Silvia Rapisarda


I obtained my bachelor degree in molecular biotechnology and then my master degree in industrial biotechnology at the University of Milano Bicocca, Italy.

 My first lab experience was an internship on the characterization of Ras specific inibitor.

For my master thesis I joined Francesco Peri’s research group working on an interdisciplinary project, spanning from biology to chemistry. I mostly focused on pharmaceutical compounds screening and their bioactivity characterization. The pharmaceutical tests were carried out together with the investigation of the protein-ligand interaction mechanism. Thanks to this project I developed a good understanding of drug development and screening.

This experience made me want to get involved in the more chemistry-oriented lab work. For this very reason I started a scholarship in which I’m responsible for the synthesis, its optimisation and the screening of TLR4 ligands, used to modulate the innate immunity. This project is carried out under the supervision of Prof. Francesco Peri and with the collaboration of Rottapharm.

In my free time I enjoy reading science books, watching movies, listening and playing music.


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