Florent Cochet (Marie Curie PhD student)

Florent Cochet obtained his bachelor in chemistry/biology and then his MSc degree in organic chemistry from the University Grenoble Alpes, France. During his studies he performed a first research project at the DCM (Department of Molecular Chemistry) in Grenoble, under the supervision of Dr. Sebastien Carret and Prof. François Poisson, studying the reactivity of ynol-ethers for the total synthesis of Lycorines. He completed his master thesis under the supervision of Dr. Marine Peuchmaur and Prof. Ahcène Boumendjel at the DPM (Department of Molecular Pharmaco-chemistry), Grenoble, on the synthesis of new Arylthiosemicarbazones as antileishmanial agents. He is currently working at UNIMIB, Milan, Italy, with an ESR scholarship in the H2020-MCSA-ITN TOLLerant project(ww.tollerant.eu) under the supervision of Prof. Francesco Peri. His work is focused on the synthesis of TLR4 ligands to modulate the innate immune responses.