Lenny Zaffaroni (Marie Curie PhD student)

Lenny obtained his Bachelor in Industrial Biotechnology from the University of Milan – Bicocca, in 2008. His thesis project’s title was “Screening of surfactant producing bacterial strains and molecular characterisation”.

He completed his Master in Industrial Biotechnology at the University of Milan – Bicocca, in 2011. This includes a year of research performed at the University of Birmingham (England), in which he worked on his thesis project entitled “Recombinant protein production in bacteria, in batch and fed-batch fermentations”.

Upon Master completition, he continued to work at the University of Birmingham for another year, attempting to improve the production of domain antibodies. During these two years, he annually supervised master’s students in a 5-weeks biotechnology course, demonstrating them how to work in a laboratory and how to perform bacterial fermentations with positive results and great feedback.

He joined UCB (Slough, England) in 2012 and he become a member of the Fermentation Process team. The position main focus was to perform microbial fermentation process development, aiming to improve existing biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes, to optimised primary recovery, and to develop intellectual property in process technology in a GMP-like environment (up to 200 L scale).

In April 2015 he joined Professor Peri’s group of the University of Milan – Bicocca, where he started his european PhD, part of the ETN project entitled “Toll-Like Receptor 4 activation and function in diseases: an integrated chemical-biology approach”. His PhD thesis focuses on the production of recombinant MD-2, and the development of protein-ligand binding assays for the characterisation of new TLR4 modulators.